Who We Are

We are a team of people that come from a very diverse background who actually love what we do. As an award winning team we have sought to empower our customers with unmatched customer service and support for over 20 years. John (owner and founder) started his career as a sign business owner/operator in San Bernardino, California when he was just 19 years old. With a love for graphic design, technology and helping businesses improve their image; John was already armed with everything he’d need for the up and coming “World Wide Web”.

To be a successful business owner in the fast growing/ever changing sign, printing and screen printing industry; John never said no, rather learning from each challenge increasing in knowledge and confidence. As his company grew in popularity so did the internet, so customers began asking about websites. Seeing the rapidly growing need for a business’s online presence, John began educating himself in html, php, and javascript to built his first website. After a few short years John sold his sign company to pursue his new passion of designing and building websites full time.

As the company grew, so did the need to bring on team members that would help him build the Modern Web way of doing things. John hand selected team members that could add to the diversity and strength of the company.

Contractor Websites

Over the years we have build over 1000 websites almost exclusively for small businesses. As a result we found ourselves building a majority of websites for contractors. The more the word spread the more we heard the horror stories from contractors that used other website service companies that really did not have the knowledge, background or experience; to hand craft a contractor focused website. Our customers have a passion for quality craftsman in all they do, shouldn’t the website developer be the same? As a result we decided to dedicate a large portion of our company resources for the needs of contractor websites and digital marketing.