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    yeah ’bout anything really…


    Out of all the new sales calls we get,
    it’s frustrated contractors that
    tops the list.

    Maybe they have never created a website before or, have a website; but have never finished it. We understand what needs to be on a contractor website to make it easy for your customers AND Google to find.

    Unlike many of the D-I-Y sites out today, Modern Web Studios works with you, explaining why and how to get the perfect website created. Want to see the difference?

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    5 Stars! - Affordable Small Business Website Design, Hosting & Support

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    5 Stars! - Affordable Small Business Website Design, Hosting & Support

    Based on 28 reviews Reviews! - Affordable Small Business Website Design, Hosting & Support

    5 Stars! - Affordable Small Business Website Design, Hosting & Support

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    Mike Wilhelm
    Mike Wilhelm
    I recently had the pleasure of working with Modern Web Studios & Tech Support Inc. for the design of my website, and I cannot speak highly enough about their exceptional service and top-notch expertise. From start to finish, they exceeded my expectations in every aspect, and I am delighted to give them a well-deserved five-star review. First and foremost, the team at Modern Web Studios showcased remarkable speed and efficiency throughout the entire process. They were able to deliver a beautifully designed website well before the expected deadline, without compromising on quality or attention to detail. Their ability to work swiftly while maintaining such high standards is truly commendable. What impressed me the most was their collaborative approach. They took the time to understand my business needs, goals, and preferences, and integrated them seamlessly into the website design. Their willingness to listen and incorporate my feedback was truly remarkable. They transformed my vision into reality and brought creativity to the table, resulting in an end product that exceeded my expectations. One aspect that truly set Modern Web Studios apart was their exceptional responsiveness and the ability to make live changes to the site during development. This feature was immensely helpful as it allowed me to review and provide feedback instantly. It showcased their commitment to customer satisfaction and their dedication to delivering a website that perfectly aligned with my requirements. Furthermore, the team provided valuable assistance with content creation and imagery selection, ensuring that my website had a cohesive theme that supported my business objectives. Their attention to detail and expertise in this area made a significant impact on the overall aesthetic and functionality of the site. It is worth mentioning that Modern Web Studios & Tech Support Inc. is an American company that truly values its customers. Unlike many others, they promptly answer phone calls and provide exceptional customer service. They go above and beyond to ensure that all queries are addressed and that their clients feel supported throughout the entire process. In conclusion, I wholeheartedly recommend Modern Web Studios & Tech Support Inc. for anyone in need of website development. Their fast, efficient, and collaborative approach, coupled with their exceptional creativity and outstanding customer service, make them the ideal choice. I am thoroughly satisfied with the end result, and I am confident that others will have the same exceptional experience working with this remarkable team. Thank you, Modern Web Studios & Tech Support Inc., for the excellent work!
    Greg Fera
    Greg Fera
    MWS is fantastic to work with. They renovated my old website and updated it up to today's standards. They are quick and easy to work with.
    Bernard Cane
    Bernard Cane
    Best internet web designer I have ever experienced. MWS took up a web failure from Black Belt Digital Marketing and corrected boat loads of problems... Thank you Rick and Annette... Fo a great website experience call them today but don't call the other company!!!
    Stephanie Dudnick
    Stephanie Dudnick
    My experience with Modern Web Studios was nothing but exceptional! Rick reached out to me by phone, and I took his call only by chance. In the days prior, I was interviewing and getting information from other web designers and narrowed my search to a few. My mind was spinning at that point, but after speaking to Rick, I felt more at ease, and working with him just felt right. I had no idea what was involved, and the process was so foreign to me, but Rick was there every step of the way. I am so happy with the launch of my website; I still have some fine-tuning on my end, but I am confident Rick will be there to help me in every way possible. I highly recommend Modern Web Studios; the service is undeniably the best.
    David Life
    David Life
    The bottom line is that Modern Web Studios takes care of me, and the fact that they do it with great attitudes and an attitude that makes me feel like they care about me and my business makes it all the better.
    Karen O'Hicks
    Karen O'Hicks
    The business owner John is fantastic and easy to talk to! Had some communication barriers and he went above and beyond what I was hoping for! His work.. brilliant! Not many can match his dedication and patience couldn't be more happier! Will use him again!
    Joni Meyer
    Joni Meyer
    As the Practice Manager of a Dental Spa, I had the daunting task of finding a new Website Designer that would meet our goals building a new website, but whom could also execute this within a 2 week timeframe. Modern Web Studios nailed it! They did not miss a detail, exceeded our expectations and met our 2 week launch date. The communication along the way was excellent. We could not be more pleased with the outcome. A special thank you to Rick, who also endured Hurricane Ian while building our website. Dedication to our small business like we have never experienced!
    MI Custom Signs
    MI Custom Signs
    We own a sign shop that needed a professional web site that would not only show off our products but COMPEL people to ask for a quote. The Guys at Modern Web studios didn't just build a site they taught us how to use it. How to place photos and how to name them to attract a better Google score. Our footprint in our area grew quickly and has not stopped yet. Our "draw' audience is now up to 150 miles away and they almost always mention a google search and subsequent web site visit as the reason they called. Expect more from your web site developers than a template and a thank you... MWS deserves a lot of credit for our continued success.

    We’ll allow our work to speak for us…

    Call us now and we can help you setup your New Website  (888) 987-7771

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    No Obligation. Just FREE Advice!

    Having a Great Looking Site is Just the Beginning! We Offer:

    An Easy Yet Powerful Editor:

    We’ve customized WordPress to a degree that even WordPress Gurus are impressed. We’ve custom developed our own plugins along with an impressive collection of licensed plugins that make your editing experience both smooth flowing as well as efficient, because we know contractors are very busy, they don’t have time to fiddle with their website all day.

    Premium Support:

    As you can see from so many testimonials from our amazing customers, Modern Web Studios has a heart for serving. Each team member truly desires for your business to grow and thrive. We want you to know we care and that you can call on us for help editing your website or even deciding how to go about a new promotion. Real Small Business Specialists, not a call center.

    Marketing Support/Advice:

    We don’t just provide you with answers to your questions, we also provide free, marketing advice. You can call us just to chat about some hair-brained idea you might have and we’ll tell you if it has potential or not. That’s right, a brutally honest, experienced marketing team by your side so you’ll know you’re not alone in your entrepreneurial adventure.

    Powerful Design Tools:

    From adding drop shadows, glows and frames to your images (making your pages look unique) to animating your message and bringing the page to life as your potential customers scroll down the page, we make it so easy with a couple of clicks. You can add flare to your website within seconds and make your site really stand out from your competitors. We’re always developing new tools and usually give them to you for free with hosting.

    Security Updates:

    WordPress is the most widely used website editing system and they are releasing updates almost monthly now. It’s very important to stay up to date with the latest security updates or your site is at risk of being hacked. We include updates to not only WordPress but also all of your plugins. It’s all just part of your monthly hosting, unlike any other hosting company (they leave that to you and your developer).

    Weekly Backups:

    We do weekly local backups as well as weekly offsite backups of your website in case something did happen to it allowing us to restore it in a couple of hours, should the need arise. This is also something most hosting companies charge you a lot for (in addition to the hosting charger). This is crucial in our opinion because we believe you can never be too cautious when it comes to your business!

    Call us now and we can help you setup your New Website (888) 987-7771


    Click Here to Contact Us ››

    No Obligation. Just FREE Advice!